4 Programs of Preschool Jakarta Barat that You Should Know

4 Programs of Preschool Jakarta Barat that You Should Know

Preschool is one of the programs designed for young learners to build a basic skill. During this time, children need to develop their physical growth, motor development, language and communication, and emotional changes. Thus Global Sevilla, as one of the qualified preschool Jakarta Barat, creates the right approach for academic purposes. Here are four programs of the school.


Four Programs of Global Sevilla Preschool

  1. Toddler

Toddler class designed to boost some basic skills for young learners from age 1.5 to 2.5 years old. It utilizes the creative curriculum for children’s development. At an early age, children learn rapidly to grow and develop some abilities. Not only that, but children at this level also focus on studying necessary skills like distinguishing color, shapes, and doing simple counting.

  1. Pre-nursery Programs

At the pre-nursery programs, young learners from the range age of 2.5 to 3.5 years old are encouraged to learn sensory fun. This program is a transition from toddler playgroup to nursery school. Thus, here they will learn how to enhance potential abilities for social and communications development.

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat provides pre-nursery level to get a variety of opportunities for students to interact in a group with communication. It is designed to make young learners empowered in socially learning. The materials and activities include simple art, pretend play, perform fine motoric activities, and craft activities.


  1. Nursery or Preschool

At this level, children from the age of three to four are guided to advance their confidence and also self-awareness. They will learn to develop verbal skills and creative skills. To advance this skill young learners must follow teachers’ instructions and express their needs. Then, they can develop listening and speaking skills through rhymes, songs, and playing games.

  1. Kindergarten

Global Sevilla preschool is classified into two levels of kindergarten. The first stage of kindergarten is designed for ages four to five. In this stage, they will learn more about their abilities and physical development. While kindergarten level two in this preschool Jakarta Barat is required to develop complex skills such as logical thinking and how to solve the problem.


All in all, Global Sevilla preschool in Jakarta offers several programs based on the age stage. These programs are the best opportunities for young learners to develop their potential skills by choosing the right level of approach. For instance, a toddler is designed to shape basics skill, pre-nursery programs boost learning sensory activities, preschool designed to expand self-confidence, and kindergarten develop complex skills.

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